An advertiser should group their campaigns by?

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The best way to optimize your advertising is by grouping similar campaigns. For example, if you are running three ad campaigns that all target different demographics, it would be a good idea to group those together. Grouping your campaigns will make it easier for you to track and adjust them over time. Let’s break down the 10 types of campaign groups that advertisers should consider!

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1) Campaigns targeting demographic A

2) Campaigns targeting demographic B

3) Campaigns targeting demographic C

You may be wondering why you should group your campaigns.

To answer this question, we’ll look at a few of the benefits that come from grouping them together: It will make it easier for you to track and adjust them over time. You can easily compare campaign performance by looking at their individual metrics within each specific campaign group or across all groups.

This is especially helpful if you have multiple ads running targeting different demographics because then they’ll be able to learn what works best with who! Grouping your campaigns also make it easier to see how well certain segments are performing

For example, if an advertiser was only targeting people in demographic A but found out that demographic B had been seeing much better ad results.


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