Top Tips to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause pain and discomfort. It happens because these stones are hard minerals that form inside your kidneys. 

People with kidney stones experience severe pain when the stones pass through their urinary tract. A nephrologist in Karachi says that if the kidney stone condition runs in your family, you are at high risk. But yes, at the same time, you can reduce the risk of kidney stones by choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

What you can do to prevent kidney stones 

A healthy diet and lifestyle choices are not only beneficial to preventing kidney stones but also help you live a healthy life. It also reduces the risk of many potential health conditions that can affect the quality of life.

You should take care of your health by following these factors:

Drink plenty of water 

Drinking enough water offers many health benefits from head to toe. People who do not drink water should be aware of dehydration causing problems. Make sure that you keep your health at first and avoid such drinks that contain soda and other artificial sweeteners. Less intake of water leads to low urine which is more concentrated and increases the risk of stones in the kidneys.

If you do not rely on only water, you have other options too, such as orange juice, etc. People should add more fluids into their daily life routine which leads to more urine output that dissolves the salt.

Some juices like lime juice contain citrate which does not let the stone form. People with sweating issues should drink more fluids and consult with a doctor.

Dark urine shows that you need to drink more water as it is more concentrated. But the light yellow or clear urine color says that you are hydrated and drink balanced fluids.

Say no to excessive animal protein 

Some people love to eat meat and do not like to add veggies into their daily routine diet plan. But do you know that these diets can increase acid in urine? Yes, it increases uric acid and calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. You should discuss with the doctor what type of diet you should eat and how much you can eat.

There is some meat you should consume within the limit, such as fish, beef, poultry, etc.

Try herbal remedies

One of the most popular home remedies includes the chance piedra which helps to prevent kidney stones. You can prevent the risk of kidney stone formation and also it helps to reduce the size of the kidney stones. You will find many articles on herbal remdies in HealthWebMagazine.

Avoid excess intake of oxalate-rich diet 

Oxalate is the reason for many kidney stone formations. Foods that contain oxalate can increase the risk of the stones formation which can put you at high risk of stones formation. Make sure that you do not eat foods that are high in oxalate content, such as beets, rhubarb, wheat bran, spinach, chocolate, sweet potatoes, coffee, peanuts, soy products, etc.

But you can reduce the risk of stones inside your kidneys by eating calcium and oxalate-rich foods at once because they will provide both contents in the same quantity.

Consume less sodium 

People who add more salt to their foods or drinks should be aware of the fact that high salt content can lead to calcium kidney stones. If you consume a diet high in salt content, avoid it from now on.

Such a diet does not allow the calcium to be reabsorbed from the urine in your blood. Sodium does cause many other health problems as well which can put you at high risk of poor health. Your doctor may ask for a sodium blood test to check the sodium level. 

You can find the sodium blood test price online. 

Such prevention of calcium absorption leads to kidney stone formation which can cause severe pain and discomfort. Some foods contain high content of sodium such as lunch meat, foods containing sodium nitrate, canned soups, processed foods, condiments, canned veggies, etc.

There are other ways too that can add flavor to your diets, such as fresh herbs or seasoning blends. It depends on you what type of flavor you like the most.

Do not take vitamin C supplements 

Some vitamin C supplements can increase the risk of stone formation inside the kidneys. You must learn that vitamin c supplements sometimes become the reason for kidney problems. There is more research required that how these supplements can affect your kidney health.

Consume calcium-rich diet 

Researchers say that one of the most common kidney stones is calcium oxalate stones. But it does not mean that you should avoid eating the calcium diet. It is a myth only. Make sure that you add a more calcium diet to your daily routine.

But you should avoid calcium supplements as they can cause harm to your kidneys. Low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk can help to complete your calcium intake.

You should see a doctor if you have been experiencing any pain in your kidneys.


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