Rules of the game in kabaddi


Kabaddi is a sport that has relatively simple rules. You can take advantage of the best option to make online kabaddi match betting – 1xBet bookmaker is full of matches of this sport.

Yet, these simple rules can give endless possibilities when it comes to the unlimited outcomes that any match can have. First of all, let’s discuss the most important elements that are needed to play a match in this sport. They include things like:

  • a rectangular field of 13 x 10 meters for male, or of 12 x 8 for female matches;
  • many lines must be drawn, including boundary, play area, mid, baulk and bonus;
  • two teams of seven players each must be ready to play.

The 1xBet bookmaker features excellent kabaddi online match betting options, which can become even better after understanding how the sport works.

The basic rules

Before a match starts, a coin is flipped in order to decide which team will be the first to attack and to defend. The attacking team will send a player to the opposite side, these players are called “raiders”. Don’t forget to watch kabaddi live score now at 1xBet and see these rules in action.

The raider will try to touch defending players. After touching them, he will run back to his field screaming the word “kabaddi” continuously. If he returns safely, he scores points. If he stops screaming “kabaddi” or if he is caught, he won’t be able to score. Also in this case the defending team gets a point. Punters can watch live kabaddi scores now at 1xBet, which also allows punters to get a better understanding of how these rules work.

The defenders must avoid being touched by the raider. At the same time, they must be able to grab the raider by the body, and physically restrain him in order to avoid him returning to his side.

More advanced situations

The basic rules of kabaddi can give origin to a number of situations that teams can take advantage of in order to win. By the way, the football online bet from 1xBet bookmaker can be as rewarding as betting on kabaddi on this bookmaker.

For example, there is a situation called a “Lona”. This refers to when the entire opposing squad is eliminated by a raider. There is also another occurrence called the “super tackle”. This refers to the situation when a raider is captured by using no more than 3 defenders. Since this is quite a difficult thing to achieve, the defending squad gets two points if successful with this move. Right now, from the 1xBet bookmaker you can make online football and kabaddi bets by understanding the interesting rules of these sports.


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