Why Should You Visit Ladakh? A Trip of a Lifetime


Ladakh, or the ‘Land of High Passes’, is a beautiful landlocked region in the Himalayan region, officially a part of the country India and sharing borders with the Chinese autonomous region of Tibet. A land of immense geographical diversity, culture and history, Ladakh is a traveller’s haven that needs to be on your list today.

Historically, it lies on the ancient trade routes connecting China to Central Asia and beyond and lies between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas. Ethnically, the native people of Ladakh are Tibetan Buddhists sharing similarities with ethnic as well as linguistic similarities with Tibetans.

Ladakh attracts tourists from all over the world owing to its snow-capped peaks, clear blue skies, and the barren mountains with rivers flowing underneath. The diversity of landscape in Ladakh is unlike any- with mountain, snow, cold deserts, alpine meadows, and alpine lakes all nestled together in this small mountainous region. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers!

Why Ladakh? What does it offer?


Amongst the many attractions, tourists come to Ladakh searching for the highest motorable passes in Asia, including Khardung La, Marsimik La, and Chang La. As for trekking, one of the best treks in and around Ladakh ends up at pristine alpine lakes, like Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri. Moreover, the picturesque landscape draws in many bloggers who can take the best photos for their social media on their high-quality smartphones such as Xiaomi phone, Samsung, or iPhone without investing in an HD camera.

Ladakh is a must-visit place for adrenaline junkies, especially those looking to bear insane minus temperatures during the winter. With most of the lakes freezing completely under ice, Ladakh has become inaccessible via road transport for months on end. 

For the culture and history buffs, there is plenty to indulge in. Many Buddhist monasteries are nestled in Ladakh, dating back thousands of years. They are also spots for religious pilgrimage for the Buddhist population in the region and beyond.

Where to go?

If you’re looking to indulge in the culture and explore the local areas, we recommend staying in Leh, the capital of Ladakh. From guest houses to rooms in monasteries to budget hotels, there are many options to choose from. In addition, many huts and camping sites near Nubra Valley, Drokpa, and Changthang are open spots during the summer season for camps and hiking. 

The historic Leh Palace is another place that should definitely make it to your itinerary. This medieval Tibetan-style palace is an architectural genius made of stones, wood, mud, and sand. The interior of the palace is decorated with crowns, ceremonial dresses, jewellery, and fine art paintings from olden times. There are also murals etched on the palace walls depicting the glory and history of Ladakh and the many rulers that have ruled this place.

When to go?

When to go? 

The best time to visit Ladakh is undoubtedly from June to September, when temperatures range from 5–40-degree C. Although that minimum might sound cold to normal wayfarers, keep in mind that Ladakh’s temperature can fall all the way from –9 to –15 during the winter season. This includes the harsh months of November to February. 

The summer season in Ladakh is perhaps the busiest, with throngs of people from all over the world relishing in the breath-taking scenery. Although the temperatures do not soar that high, the sun can be especially brutal in this cold desert. So, make sure to protect yourself using good sun-protection products such as the Cetaphil sunscreen, especially if you’re riding on the motorbike around the high passes.

Must Try Ladakhi Cuisine?


Ladakhi cuisine offers important insights into the culture and history of its people and its land with an array of savouring and sweet dishes. The cuisine displays clear Tibetan and Chinese influence, especially the various kinds of dumplings and soups. Nevertheless, many unique dishes should be on your list when visiting Ladakh.

Ladakhi cuisine offers important insights into the culture and history of its people and its land with an array of savouring and sweet dishes. The cuisine displays clear Tibetan and Chinese influence, especially the various kinds of dumplings and soups. Nevertheless, many unique dishes should be on your list when visiting Ladakh. 

From garden restaurants to street-side stalls and cafes, Ladakhi dishes with their aroma and taste will make you crave these dishes when you leave. Some of the must-try food includes Momos, a version of meat-filled dumplings with a savoury sauce and Thukpa, a soupy noodle dish considered a staple dish in Ladakh. Other than this, make sure to try Chhutagi and Tingmo-delicious bread-based Ladakhi delicacies that will melt in your mouth. 

You cannot visit Ladakh and claim to have experienced it fully without trying the famous Butter Tea of Ladakh. Served during weddings, festivals, and religious occasions, as well as an everyday drink, it is a must-try when visiting Ladakh. Traditionally drank with butter, milk and salt, this tea is known as gur-gur chai.

Instagrammable Places in Ladakh?

Ladakh has plenty of stunning picturesque sceneries for Instagram-worthy content for your social media to shine through. From rainbow mountains to snow-capped hills and valleys full of green fields and yellow mustard farms, these spots in Ladakh look as magical on the camera as they are in real life.

Not just for the social media, but for you to cherish those great memories, bring along your DSLRs, Polaroid cameras and smartphones to Ladakh and click amazing snaps. The crystal clear Pangong lake is one of the most beautiful sceneries for your camera clicks. The stunning blue lake with cold deserted mountains in the back and a contrasting bright blue sky appears straight out of a fairy-tale book.

The incredible Shanti Stupa in Chanspa, Leh, is another location to capture your new favourite profile picture. The Stupa is a white-coloured dome structure with a scenic background of blue skies and mountains. The amazing backdrop alongside the peace and tranquillity of the place make it a not-to-miss location.

Hence, these were some of the tips to planning out your next trip to Ladakh. This diverse and culturally rich destination will make you fall in love with travelling, adventuring and enjoying life a little bit more. Ladakh has much to offer in every aspect while grounding one to the ultimate reality that nature is more powerful than man.

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring place to replenish your creativity and spirits, Ladakh is a perfect match. With its unbelievable and magical landscapes, it will re-energise you like no other place. Truly, nature dwells in its purest form in places like Ladakh, remote and far away from the hustle, bustle and chaos of a mechanical ever-busy world. So, plan your trip to Ladakh today and make memories to remember for a lifetime!

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