How To Prepare For Bank Exam’s Blood Relation Questions?

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Studying for the bank exams is not easy. There are millions of topics, each one having several questions to go with them in the bank exams. Bank examinations are divided into three sections to test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of Banking/Finance Economics, General Awareness, and Reasoning Skills. Out of all the sections, the reasoning skills section can be tricky. It involves questions like blood relation. These questions generally test your logical reasoning skills and ability to make out relationships from given information, your English comprehension skills, as well as your ability to relate one thing with another. You must solve many blood relation questions pdf to get a better hang of these tricky questions. This article will educate you more about these particular questions and how to prepare and tackle them during your subsequent bank examination.

What Are Blood Relation Questions In Bank Examinations?

Blood relations are one of the most common topics in bank exams. Blood relation questions are a part of the quantitative aptitude section of most banking examinations. Solving these questions can be tricky as you need to know the relationship between different people from different generations. The two types of blood relation questions in bank examinations are:

  • In the first type of question; you are asked to match the names of two persons (relatives) with their photographs.
  • In the second type of question, you are asked to determine which option best describes a particular relationship between two people (relatives). These questions also test your logical reasoning skills.

How To Prepare For Blood Relation Questions Asked In Bank Examinations?

Blood relation questions are based on the relations between two or more persons. The concept of blood relation is fundamental to understanding the concepts of family, relationships, marriages, and other social aspects. Blood relation questions are asked in competitive examinations like SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, RRB Exams, etc. Apart from solving numerous blood relation questions pdf, here are a few preparation tips for these questions:

  • Learn About The Different Types Of Relationships: Many types of relationships can be discussed in a question. These include father-son, mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-brother, etc. The important thing is you should know what kind of relationship exists between two people and why they have that relationship with each other. 
  • Know Your Family Tree: Knowing ancestors’ names, occupations, and other details is essential. You might be given a question like ‘Who is your mother’s brother?’ If you don’t know the answer, it will be difficult to answer this question correctly. So make sure you know all the details of relative trees so there is no problem when such questions come up in exams.
  • Know How To Use Words Like ‘relation’ And ‘relative’: These two words are often used interchangeably, but they mean different things. A relative has some connection with us due to the bloodline. A relation is someone who has some connection with the subject due to their profession or something similar, which has nothing to do with lineage! 

Summing Up:

Preparing for blood relation questions is very important for bank exams. You should always remember that the most crucial aspect of the blood relation questions is that they are asked in different forms. This means you should revise your blood relation formulas as often as possible and try to practice as much to crack these questions during exam day.


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