CampusDoc Audience Award 2019

Utrecht – 800 guests attending the 9th edition of CampusDoc International Film Festival cast their votes for 20 nominated documentaries. The winners of this year’s festival were all students of the School of Journalism, Hogeschool Utrecht.

The first place Audience Award goes to ALFA, directed by Imke Renee Slump and Iris Wijngaarde. Alfa is a fascinating portrait of Koen, a young hunter in modern society. The documentary shows the sport of hunting from Koen’s perspective.

The second place prize goes to Up a Tree, directed by Bodil Tummers and Hannah Cammeraat. Up a Tree portrays the conflict between a powerful mining company and environmental activists in Germany.

The third place prize is for Roofless, a documentary directed by Anouk de Groot and Danny Vos. Roofless is an urgent and emotional film about a band of Salvation Army volunteers and (formerly) homeless musicians interwoven with lead singer Grace’s personal story of tragedy and triumph. 

The festival was a great success, and films from all over the world were shown throughout the weekend. CampusDoc Film festival is an annual festival during which documentaries of new filmmakers are shown. The festival has grown more popular every year.

All documentaries are now available online at Vimeo on demand