An alloy of tin is 15% tin and weighs 20 pounds. How many pounds of tin are in the alloy?

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What is the amount of tin in an alloy?

An alloy of tin can be 15% tin and weigh 20 pounds.

How many pounds are in the alloy?

I’ll do the math for you: 15% of 20 pounds is three and a half, which means that an alloy with 15% tin weighs about 18.75 lbs. That’s how much weight in an alloy! Fascinating, right? I didn’t know it was so easy to find out these things. It just proves that there are answers to every question if we take the time to research them!

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So what else can we learn from this discovery?

Well, let’s figure out how many teaspoons of tin are present in a pound by dividing 352 grams (the metric equivalent) by 60 seconds (denominator). We get .06125 teaspoons or six-tenths of one teaspoon per pound, which means that there are about one and a half teaspoons per 20 pounds.

This is great because we can now calculate how many batches of alloy this would make: One batch with 15% tin equals 18.75 lbs; divided by .06125 tsp (or six-tenths) = 131.25 batches of alloy! Isn’t math wonderful?


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