eToro vs. Binance.US: Which crypto exchange is better?

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It can be challenging to choose which exchange to join if you’re new to cryptocurrency. There are various factors to compare between eToro and Binance.US: For customers outside of the US, eToro is more approachable and provides both conventional finance and bitcoins. Additionally, Binance.US has a better fee structure and a wider variety of coins. In etoro vs binance  etoro has less rating score.

In our eToro vs. Binance comparison, discover which exchange is ideal for you.

US contrast

First round: Binance vs. eToro.

The US on vital statistics

both Binance and eToro.

Trade platforms located in the US. Binance. Users outside of the supported countries must utilize the global Binance platform since the US is only accessible to US residents. Users can stake on both exchanges, but none provides opportunities for trading derivatives. 

Additionally, each platform offers its custody dispute wallets. While more cryptocurrency is available on Binance.US, eToro offers services in conventional banking.

Round 2: Coins with support


The US has additional staking options and offers a few more cryptocurrencies for exchange than eToro. Although eToro’s cryptocurrency portfolio is growing fast, it still lags behind Binance. Nevertheless, eToro provides Ripple (XRP), which Binance does not. Rather than binance we compare etoro vs coinbase in coinbase user can find the widest selection of crypto options but trading fee is high.

The US doesn’t, despite giving users access to standard alternative investments. Both accept every significant cryptocurrency. Since it supports Ripple and gives customers access to non-crypto investment opportunities, eToro triumphs.

Binance vs. eToro: Cryptos available

In terms of cryptocurrency diversity, Binance far outperforms the competition.

Users of eToro can choose from a smaller number of coins than those offered by Binance, which has over 370 coins and over 1,000 trading combinations. Nevertheless, depending on where you are, Biance’s currency selection may be just as limited as Binance’s.

The full functionality of the Binance platform is only available to users who are U.S. citizens, and Binance.US has taken their place. This service is not available to users in Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Texas, New York, or Vermont, and it does not support all of the functionality and currencies of the full Binance site. Just over 60 different coins are available on Binance.US, but leveraged transactions or trading on cryptocurrency futures are not permitted. 

Additionally, Binance. Both the US and the UK offer a wide selection of very well coins, with no prominent mainstream coins missing from their choices. Over 50 coins are accessible on eToro, with a concentration on more obvious options including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and Chain-link (LINK). This selection is comparable to that of Binance.US, but certain important currencies weren’t included. Tether (USDT), for example, is supported by Binance.US whereas it is not offered on eToro.

Trading Cryptocurrencies on Binance & eToro

One of the key differences between eToro and Binance is the number of cryptocurrencies customers can trade on each of these platforms. Currently, Binance allows users to purchase more than 600 cryptocurrencies with their wallets, including Bitcoin, Xiong Coin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tether, and Ethereum. The major dissimilarity of etoro vs coinbase is that etoro is a multi-asset platform but coinbase is ony crypto based.

There are a maximum of 50 US merchants. Additionally, Binance operates a distinct NFT market. In contrast, eToro allows users to trade dozens of financial goods, including more than 50 bitcoins. A variety of assets are exchanged. However, every significant currency is featured, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Baidu Coin, XRP, and others. Unlike Binance, eToro enables users to mimic smart portfolios, a calculated allocation of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and keep over the long term. Users of eToro who copied trades last year saw an ROI of 30.4 cents.

User Comparison of eToro and Binance

Excellent user interfaces may be found on eToro and Binance. The fact that these systems are so well-liked by cryptocurrency market participants may be due to their usability.

You will have a personalized panel while using eToro, where you can learn everything about the cryptocurrency market. The panel lists the top gainers and losers for the day along with the cryptocurrencies that eToro users are most engaged in.

Color-coded charts actualisation over the previous seven days is shown with the day’s price changes for the users’ benefit. In addition to that, the system uses a set of eight technical indicators to assign, buy, sell, and hold recommendations to most cryptocurrencies, making it easier to discover probable trades. You’re eager to get trading, so let us assist you in making a more wise choice.


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