Internal Flame

A documentary by Bob Brinkman and Dionne Püttmann

“It’s been like two years, get over it,” and: “You healed so well, be glad!”, are just a few examples of commentS people with burns get to deal with on a daily base. But what if you’re really traumatised and not getting over it, still imagining yourself catching fire?

In Internal Flame we see how Erwin, Renske and Sandra deal with their scars, as they all experience it from a different phase in their period of grief and acceptance. They’ve all healed well, but that doesn’t change the traumatising memories.

How do they keep their heads up? And how do their close relations deal with a post-traumatic loved one that often suffers form nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks?

In Internal Flame we show you the world of the scars of fire. Because it still burns inside.