Everyday Madness

A documentary by Gerrit Doelman and Jasper Kars

At the first glance, the life of twenty-something Ivor appears to be pretty ‘normal’. He works at a tech company, creates his own board games, plays field hockey and likes to go out with his friends. With his busy life Ivor seems to fit this fast day and age perfectly. But this is not everything. He is also is the future king of Indonesia, represented The Netherlands at the Olympic games as a boxer and is a very skilled psychic.

Although these scenes only appear in his own vulnerable brain: Everyday Madness (Alledaagse Waanzin).
Ivor has bipolar depressions and is psychotic, a very heavy burden on his back. He doesn’t like to talk about his psychiatric problems too much and that is because of a reason. Society sees mental problems such as depression and psychosis as something intangible or dangerous. In 2017 it’s still considered a taboo.

In Everyday Madness Ivor looks for positive recovery in a world where psychoses are discussable. He fights his own everyday battle against his mental diseases, and against the current stigma. But what happens if he will have another psychosis?

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