CampusDoc International Award 2019

Utrecht – De Aspergegijzeling (Asparagus Hostages) by Bram Michielsen and Amber Pelgrims from the Thomas More Institute in Mechelen, Belgium, is the winner of the International Award 2019 at CampusDoc International Film Festival. Linde Rombouts and Maarten van Malcot also from Thomas More takes 2nd place. The third prize goes to Joseph Patric Nason a student at Cork Institute of Technology.

The 2019 festival was an enormous success as a showcase for international documentaries made by students. Over 800 people visited the festival at the 15th and 16th of June.

The winning film, De aspergegijzeling, tells the harrowing tale of gangsters escaping from a Belgian jail in 1993 and taking a police captain hostage at a local farm. The filmmakers use archival footage and reconstructions in order to faithfully re-create this remarkable tale.

Second place in the category international goes to FACE/FAKE. It is a well-researched and dark expose on the latest technology for manipulating reality through the alteration of faces and human speech in videos. This documentary was also directed by students of the Thomas More Institute in Mechelen, Belgium; Linde Rombouts en Maarten van Malcot.

Third place is My mother only had one Eye. A short animation created by Joseph Patric Nason of the Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland. It tells the story of “a selfish young man whose vanity blind him to the sacrifices made by his devoted mother.”

CampusDoc Film festival is an annual documentary festival showcasing only student-made documentaries. The festival is now in its 9th year, and continues to expand its audience, and selection of quality films.

All documentaries are now available online at Vimeo on demand