an athlete who is underactivated commonly experiences which of the following?,

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If you are an athlete who is experiencing underactivity, chances are that you experience one of the following: pain, fear of injury or embarrassment. This can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your athletic goals. Read this blog post for more information on what causes underactivity in athletes and how to overcome it! -Pain can be caused by various reasons such as chronic pain, muscle tightness or injury. Pain is the most common symptom of underactivity and often causes athletes to avoid certain activities altogether. -Fear of injury is a very real concern for many people who have experienced injuries in the past. The fear that an athlete will experience due to this worry usually leads them not wanting to participate in their sport at all which can lead to other negative health effects like weight gain and depression. -Embarrassment is another possible cause of underactivity because it takes motivation to try new things while feeling embarrassed around others you don’t know well enough yet. Sometimes these feelings are even intensified when they result from being teased or made fun


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