alternative forms of a gene are called,

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Alternative forms of a gene are called, alleles. Alleles can be dominant or recessive according to their effect on the organism. A dominant allele will only need one copy to have an observable effect, while a recessive allele will need two copies for its effects to be visible. Images: – a picture of the structure of DNA. – a diagram showing how two alleles can be dominant and recessive at different places on the same chromosome. – an image that shows what happens to your genetic code if you have only one copy of each allele from both parents, or are homozygous for both alleles in question. It also displays possible outcomes from inheriting just one copy of any given gene variant (heterozygotes). The solid arrows represent dominant genes, while dotted lines indicate recessive genes. You can see that heterozygotes will always show traits from both sides because they have two copies with which to work–the best example is someone who’s tall but has red hair instead


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