Types of the most popular online casino bonuses


At first glance, all online casinos may look the same. Once you scratch below the surface, numerous differences begin to appear. These include the design of the website, the games available, and customer support, but they also offer bonuses. Click here for info about bookmaTZr Tanzania

Online gaming platforms often offer bonuses for new players and loyal visitors. It is your strong point to increase and maintain the existing user base. Those who wish to play at web casinos need to understand the types of popular bonuses available. See what you should know about these incentives!

Bonuses for new players

Most of the bonuses are designed for new users who do not have an account on that website. If you look at the https://top-canadiancasinos.com/real-money-casinos/ bonuses overview, you will notice different incentives available. Note that some promotions require the use of a code to activate them. You must enter the code in the specified field during your registration process.

Once you finish signing up, most platforms will give you the promised boosts once you meet the requirements. It is rare that the platform requires you to contact customer support to claim your bonus.

Now, let’s take a look at the main types of bonuses for new players.

no deposit bonus

You may not be sure if that platform is the right choice. Maybe you never tried casino games and didn’t know if you would like them. Beginners often find a no deposit bonus to be their best option. These offers ensure a boost the moment you sign up on that platform. There is no need to invest anything, all that is needed is to complete the registration process.

It is worth noting that no deposit bonuses are usually tokens. You may receive a small bonus sum ($5 – $20) to use to play on the platform. Alternatively, your offer could include coupons for specific games promoted by that site. Some websites only allow you to use them for card games like blackjack and poker.

Either way, the idea is to let you try out that platform. You can test your desired games and interface to see if it’s your cup of tea. The requirements for converting bonus funds into real cash are often stricter than for other bonuses.

deposit matches

These are the most common offers online casinos offer to welcome new players. Deposit matches often refer to your first investment on that website. However, some welcome promotions have a bonus structure that is spread over multiple initial deposits.

The idea is to double your bonus, at least. You will often find that your first deposit bonus is a 100% match. So if you invest $20, that casino will add an additional bonus of that amount. The match percentage can vary, sometimes ranging from 25% to 300% or more.

Here is an overview of other things to consider:

  • You cannot withdraw your bonus sum immediately. Instead, you must meet the wagering conditions to convert it to real cash.
  • You may only be able to play specific games with that bonus. Also, different genders could have different contributions to withdrawal requirements.
  • Each bonus can only be claimed once per account per person.
  • Your bonus may have an expiration date during which you must meet the withdrawal conditions. Otherwise, you will lose the entire bonus amount.

free spins

Free spins are bonus offers designed specifically for slots fans. Those who love to spin the reels will appreciate the free spins their casino offers. Spins may only be available for specific games. Maybe it’s exclusive to that platform or a new game added to your library.

Be sure to check other conditions of your free spins offer. The casino often limits the bet per spin to $1 or less and also limits the maximum winnings. That means you cannot win more than the specified maximum with the free spin, even if you hit a jackpot.

Loyal Player Bonuses

Loyal players are those who stay on the platform and become regular visitors. Here are some incentives to wait:

  • Loyalty programs – these provide an option to earn complimentary points. You buy goods or convert them to cash and bonus funds later.
  • Rush Promotions – During particular days you may be able to use a 100% match boost for your deposits. In addition, there are slot tournaments and other competitions.
  • Cashback – these allow you to recoup a portion of your losses. The percentage is usually 5% to 25%.
  • prize chests – these are random rewards offered to regular visitors. Most casinos use the concept of allowing you to open a chest or spin the prize wheel once a day.

Final Thoughts: What is the best casino bonus for you?

According to Statista, the online casino industry will be worth $92.9 billion by 2023. That huge growth means web-based gaming platforms are doing the right job of attracting players. That is partly due to the excellent bonus it offers. If you are a newbie, feel free to use the no deposit and other incentives to give casino games a try. Experienced players will appreciate the cashback and loyalty programs more. The crucial thing is to choose a bonus that meets your expectations, and you will be ready for an exciting online gaming experience!

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