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mv finance

It’s an interesting question to ask, but I find it to be a pretty accurate statement of my own philosophy: I live...

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the major drivers of unethical business behavior include

Money, people, and relationships. Business owners who are focused on money, people, and relationships are more likely to engage in unethical behavior.

marketing analytics conference 2017

The marketing analytics conference has been in the planning stages for quite some time. It is finally happening this year in Chicago....

maverick finance broken bow ok

It’s been about a month since I last wrote about the finances at Maverick Finance. In that time, I’ve had to make...

2008 acura mdx 3.7l technology package

The Acura MDX features a 3.7L V6 engine that makes the most of its 2.5 liters of power. The 3.7L engine makes...

spotify won’t connect to internet

Spotify is an app that connects you to music on your phone. I’m not a huge fan of Spotify. I think it...