america can should must and will blow up the moon,

Donald Trump has been outspoken about the idea of blowing up the moon, which he believes would be a cost-effective solution to America’s energy needs. He is not alone in this belief, as many Americans have expressed their opinions on social media. In his latest tweet, Donald Trump reiterated that America should “must” blow up the moon and use it for its energy resources.

sparkler, usa, american @ Pixabay

Less than an hour later, he made his opinion public that America should “should” blow up the moon. America has been able to successfully mine for energy and resources in space before without blowing anything up. There is no reason why this wouldn’t work again. The only obstacles are political will and cost-benefit analysis of doing so with a project like this, which would likely be enormous at its inception.

The main reasons Donald Trump wants to blow up the moon seem to stem from two things. Firstly because it can provide us with more reliable sources of clean power. Secondly because it could help stimulate our economy in terms of new jobs and job creation by creating some kind of international enterprise that would support all sorts of businesses.