america’s next top model the girl who took a shot in the dark,

America’s Next Top Model: The Girl Who Took a Shot in the Dark

It is an article about America’s next top model. The author tells of her experience with the show and what it taught her. The author begins by telling the reader about her experience with America’s Next Top Model.

She says that she was always interested in modeling and wanted to know what it would be like. But as a young girl couldn’t imagine herself doing it. However, when she saw Tyra Banks on TV talking about how anyone could do this even if they were not beautiful people or had no skills at all. She decided to try out for ANTM and ended up being picked from 200 girls who tried out.

The show taught her many things including confidence (she used to think of herself as unattractive). Determination (during the first episode where everyone except one person is eliminated before day two) honesty (everyone speaks their mind openly without worrying about offending each other