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show me on the doll where the internet hurt you

I am not saying that you have to take everything personally, but it is important to understand that the internet is a...

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minor in finance

The only difference between minor and major is the minor doesn't give you a grade. You still can't get a degree in...

fiducia marketing

We are all familiar with the fiducia marketing technique in which people use their brain to find out what they want to...

ethics and technology tavani 4th edition pdf

This is an excerpt from the book Ethics and Technology by Tavani. The book is the definitive work on the subject of...

finance icon png

This finance icon with it's blue background, and it's red-orange glow is a great way to visually illustrate a financial report. You...

thielen health center

I can’t deny the fact that my body is a machine. The idea of my body as being a machine seems a...