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designs for health multivitamin

I’ve been on a quest to get my body to “self-aware” through food and exercise for the past year. I've been working...

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health insurance meme

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internet logo

The internet has many uses to us, but for the most part it is mostly used for just surfing the web. But...

business cat meme right meow

A cat is an icon, a mascot, a symbol, a sign, a mascot for the world's largest animal, for the animal that...

triple thr3at marketing

As we move into the new year we will most likely experience a number of changes and life changes. New technologies, new...

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You probably know that there are three levels of self-awareness or self-awareness. Below that there are the self-awareness of the observer, then...

compatible technology

I often wonder if I am ever truly open to new technology or ideas. Is this my choice? Or is it being...