Straw hat for women – Know how to choose the best model


The straw hat is back this summer. For a summer wardrobe, you can opt for these hats. For a wedding, a baptism, a chic evening, or a prestigious event, the straw hat can be a small oval size with a sewn knot, a triangle base and a veil, or even with a low cap and a very large edge. With a straighter and more resistant brim, the traditional straw hat protects from the sun and is the promise of a trend for the summer on the beaches. You will find straw hats of different qualities: traditional straw hats, raffia, paper, or Panama. Which straw is for you?

A straw hat for every season

If you want a soft touch, security to enjoy the sun and comfort, this is the perfect choice for you. You can round and rustic models, excellent to protect yourself from the sun and still look stylish. California lining straw hat is handmade, with fabric lining. It has a sun protection factor and is ideal for protecting your skin while you enjoy the sun. Surf straw hat has a wider brim, ensuring you enjoy the shade with freshness, thus avoiding isolation. It even comes with an adjustable drawstring, ideal so the hat does not fly off, when you are at the beach or pool.

A versatile fashion accessory

Your return to the fashion world has been triumphant in recent years, but you are still wondering how exactly to wear a straw hat? Although it is a beach symbol, this accessory also works very well in the city. The secret is to know how to balance the elements of fashion with more sophisticated aspects. If there is an accessory that can instantly transform your outfit, the straw hat is definitely one of them. Those who like novelty, straw hat can be a good choice. For women, the hat becomes an indispensable item for the look to gain a little more sophistication. 

No going out without a beach hat this summer

The beach hat is obviously the essential accessory for your summer. It effectively protects you from the sun, prevents your head from overheating and the risk of sunstroke is remote. Nevertheless, the beach hat also has other advantages. It alternately gives a casual, summery or even chic, romantic or bohemian look. Whatever your preferences, you will find the headgear that suits you. There is something for everyone in straw, fabric, capelin, and foldable. In addition, when it comes to the little ones, the girl or boy’s beach hat is essential.

The traditional straw hat

The traditional straw hat is the rather rigid and solid thick fiber hat worn by grandma or grandpa to do the garden. It offers a rustic style and adds authenticity to an outfit. It cannot be folded but it is still light and comfortable.

The raffia straw hat

Raffia is a natural fiber from the leaves of the palm tree bearing the same name. The raffia straw hat is a rather flexible straw hat. The weaving is quite wide, the straw quite thick which gives the hat a casual note, a relaxed look.

The panama straw hat

It is the essential, big, and most popular straw hat. The Panama hat is a hat very appreciated for its quality. 

The paper straw hat

You have certainly thought of a sheet of paper, folded in the shape of a hat. Paper straw is made from straw cooked with lime. The paper straw hat is durable and lightweight. Much appreciated, it is very affordable. You will find the paper straw hat declined in all forms but also and especially in multiple colors.

Now you wonder how to measure or determine the quality of a straw hat. The quality of a straw hat is determined by the fineness of the braiding and the number of circles. 

How is a straw hat made?

The manufacture of a straw hat goes through several stages, which begin with working the raw material: the straw. This is carefully selected, then processed and dried. The straw is then braided. It must be slightly depressed to hold well and not fly away at the first gust of wind to wear the straw hat. We are also talking about an art, the art of weaving. You can decorate the hat, as you like.

Which straw hat to choose

You will find straw hats of all shapes. There are indeed straw hats with more or less wide brims and high, flat or rounded caps. Some are rather worn to protect against the sun, others are part of a uniform, and others are used in fashion. Maybe you will fall for a classic straw hat? Select a straw cowboy hat if you want to stand out and simply in love with the western style. The biggest brands offer fashionable and trendy straw hats.

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