A documentary by Esther Samuel and Tjerk Hubregtse (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, Ede, The Netherlands)

This documentary is about a passionate outreach worker who hangs out with troubled youth. By simply being their friend, she earns their trust to mediate between them and professional aid organizations.

Marin is a young, strong woman (29 years old). Although she has a sweet appearance, she has no trouble finding her way among groups of teenagers. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stays true to herself. She doesn’t act like a typical social worker in any way. Marin is passionate about young people and tries not to ‘label’ them. When she was younger, she experienced this herself. Marin is tall and seemed older than she actually was. She felt that, because of this, people expected her to be strong mentally. In the film, she shares her view on the importance of not judging a book by its cover.

Jessy has a sharp tongue, doesn’t act differently in front of the camera and speaks his mind. He realizes that if it wasn’t for Marin, he would be in a dark place. For example, he would probably be even deeper in debt and forced to move out his parents’ house. Jessy acts tough in front of his friends, but the documentary shows how much he appreciates Marin.

Joyce faces a dilemma. In order to get a job, she urgently needs a mailing address. Her only option is to register at a home for troubled youth, but she doesn’t want to live in such an environment anymore. Marin does everything she can to help Joyce. They try to find a suitable solution together. Joyce has encountered many social workers, but sees Marin as a friend. She trusts Marin and shares her feelings with her. The documentary shows Marin’s struggle: she wishes for Joyce to have the best life possible, but doesn’t want to force any choices on her.