Sketch of San Francisco

A documentary by Heleen Zijlstra and others (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spain)

A documentary about the neighbourhood San Francisco, in Bilbao Spain. After an economic crisis in the eighties, multicultural neighborhood San Francisco was in a very bad position. Even more than the rest of Bilbao, this place was struggling with several issues concerning drug abuse, a high unemployment rate and negative prejudices. Artist Bada improved the situation in this area with his foundation DK Muralismo. He will speak among others in this documentary about how urban art and cooperation between local residents played, and still plays, a big role in the reconstruction of San Francisco and Bilbao as a whole. While nowadays Bilbao is usually praised for his popular Guggenheim museum, this story about modern art is still untold. How did the situation in this distinctive neighborhood of Bilbao change since the 1980s? And do some things never change?