Shared by Three

A documentary by Evita Mac-Nack and Maxime de Vries

It’s not a given for people to have children. Living openly as a lesbian, homosexual, bisexual or transgender often meant a life without children. That also meant saying goodbye to all expectations of having kids. In the last twenty years this situation has changed considerably.

Shared by Three tells the story of two men, a woman and their desire to have children of their own. In this documentary we follow a future pink co-parental family. Maarten and Elliott (30) have been married for ten years and are ready to make their wish come true: having a family of their own. Half a year ago they met Kim, a 38-year-old woman with the same desire to have children, with whom they decided to have a baby and raise it together.

This documentary has a large urgency since not only LGBTI’s, but also heterosexuals are not aware yet of this way of parenting. An actual point in this matter is the Dutch law, where a child can legally only have two parents, while in these more parental-constructions a child can have up to four parents. Long story short: at this moment one of the parents is legally being shut out, with all consequences

Pink parents are a minority. They are often misjudged and condemned by others. But are these children indeed raised well? And what are the consequences of having three parents? These questions are answered in Shared by Three, but also follows the dating proces with someone you are not attracted to, setting up a parenting plan and the friendship that developed between the future parents.

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