public health internships chicago


This blog post is the result of the internship I had over the summer of 2013 at the University of Chicago, Illinois. It is not my first or even my second internship, but it is the initial one for a number of reasons.

The internship I had at the University of Chicago was primarily responsible for my continuing education in public health, though it also played a part in getting me into grad school. It was definitely a good experience and had many advantages, most notably the opportunity to work full time and be exposed to a whole new set of people.

I have now been an intern at University of Chicago since August of 2013. They offer a lot of opportunities to people to work on campus and do research on campus. In my case I was able to work full time and be exposed to a whole new set of people.

Another benefit of Chicago, as well as other public health internships, is that you get to go to the source of the problem, the city. No more walking around trying to find the source of an outbreak or trying to find the origin of an epidemic. Instead, you go to the source and see what they are doing. If they are improving public health here, then they have to be doing a lot more than just keeping the disease from spreading.

You’ll be getting exposure to a whole new set of people and maybe a whole new set of problems. Maybe you will learn a few things not only about public health but about local politics as well. And if you make it into a Chicago job, you might even get a better job at a university than I did.


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