potawatomi business development corporation

teamwork, cooperation, brainstorming @ Pixabay

We are a small, medium-sized, and medium-sized enterprise. We are based in Tokyo but we are open to the world and we offer services and supplies to anyone who wants to start a business.

Potawatomi is a word you’ll see a lot in our marketing materials. It basically means ‘Japanese people’. These people are the most industrious, hardworking, and energetic people I have ever met.

If you happen to see a potawatomi that is also a businessman, they are awesome. They are as industrious, hardworking, and energetic as any man. That is because they are, in the words of our marketing materials, “the real deal.” They’re the kind of people who will go to work at 5 AM and come home at 4 PM. They have a boss who is not the boss, but the boss is all he’s got.

This is a company where they can go to work at 5 AM and come home at 4 PM. So if you see potawatimi that are also business people, theyre like, “Oh look, we are also going to have to work till 5 AM and come home at 4 PM.


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