A documentary by Marnix Meulmeester and Marcel Alderliesten (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, Ede, The Netherlands)

From drug criminal to the owner of one of the largest music record labels in the Netherlands. The documentary ‘Unconditional’ portrays the life of Bart van Houten. Bart grows up with his parents in Amsterdam, but his relationship with them was poor. His parents don’tgive him the peace and love he is looking for. At the age of 16, his parents even kicked him out of the house and Bart have to survive. He seeks refuge in the coffee shop and spends the nights on the streets and sleeps in night buses or in the metro.

Drugs, crime and power influence Bart’s life. He is offered a job as a drug trader and deserves a lot of money with it. Monthly flows almost

60,000-guilder in. He is even a millionaire, but spends a lot of money on his own drug addiction. But also in drugs he can’tfind the peace and love he is looking for. He sees life no longer decides to commit suicide. Miraculously, he survives.

On Christmas Eve, Bart again sees no other way out than suicide, but a special conversation causes a revolution in his life. He leaves the drugs behind and goes to a rehab where he learns to know God. After a long and dark period, he leaves the clinic and throws his life over another bow.

Together with Stacey Walroud (producer Esko), they start a music record label with is called ‘Van Klasse’.It quickly grows into a great success. Many famous Dutch rappers join him. Bart is now helping problem youngsters to give them a chance in society by means of music. He is unconditionally committed to providing these young people with a future without earning anything.