On Demand

CampusDoc Film Festival was one of the opportunities to watch the documentaries. But we’ve got more. It’s also possible to watch all Dutch and international documentaries on-demand on Vimeo.

On Vimeo you can only pay by creditcard or paypal after creating an account on Vimeo. If you’ve received a code you can use the following steps to redeem it;

  • Go to vimeo.com/ondemand/cdff2019 
  • Click the rent all button on the right below the trailer of the film festival
  • Click apply promo code below the form
  • To watch productions on vimeo on demand you need to have a vimeo account. Please fill out your name, e-mail and password you like to use before clicking continue.
  • Click watch now
  • You can now watch all documentaries. If you return at a later time you need to log in to vimeo first by using the login button on the top left of the page.

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