Non Stop

A documentary by Desi van Driel and Maxime Vernooij (Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

‘’I can hardly imagine my life before vlogging everything.’’ One year ago Diana Leeflang (23) decided to quit her studies to fully focus on her YouTube channel, D is for Dazzle.

The documentary Non Stop shows the increasing pressure in the life of a fulltime YouTuber. While YouTube is changing fast and the competition is getting bigger, Diana has to defend herself to people who don’t take her job serious. ‘’How is this a 40 hour job?’’ and ‘’You must think a whole lot of yourself to film yourself.’’ ‘’Vlogging has become a dirty word.’’ Diana says.

When Diana was younger she used to be a shy girl. Now she has grown into a confident young woman. With her YouTube channel Diana wants to be an example to her young public. Still she finds it hard to decide what to share and what she wants to keep private.

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