A documentary by Julia ter Beek and Eva Vloon

For many people a children’s hospice is something that makes them shiver. To work there must be the hardest job that exists. But for Inez, Nicky and Ans it is a daily living. They take care of the very ill and severly handicapped children of children’s hospice “De Biezenwaard” in Uithoorn [The Netherlands]. One of those children is three year old Ibrahim, who came into this world with many complications. He lives in the hospice for nearly all of his short life now. But it goes better with him now, and perhaps he may go home soon! Good news indeed, but this means that the women of the hospice have to say goodbye to this happy little rascal.

This documentary takes you behind the closed doors of a children’s hospice, where despite all the sickness and misery there’s still laughter possible…

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