Mixed Feelings

A documentary by Alexandra L. Boothe(City University New York, New York, United States of America)

This short doc explores the topics of identity, racism and prejudice within the context of my mixed raced family. It begins by building the background of what my family is today focusing on the story of how my parents upbringing- my back father in the Bronx and my white mother in Green Bay. Visually, I use archival footage to depict the opening narrative of the Boothe family. I also rely on archival stills to introduce my maternal grandfather, who passed on problematic and racist views to his children that I am still trying to contend with today in my generation, more than four decades later. I use interviews from different family members to create a sense of my grandfather and the family that was to follow. Throughout the film I explore my struggle of not only my black identity and what it means to be biracial, but determining if my family is truly accepting of me and those who look like me or if they still harbor those prejudiced and racist views acquired in their youth.