A documentary by Tim Bosman, Philip Brouwer, Martijn Bergman and Robbert-Jan Baerlde (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, Ede, The Netherlands)

It is May 5, 2016. Lunteren. A small farmer village in the middle of the Netherlands. Children play fearless with the falling flowers. The silence is broken by a trumpet sound. The last post sounds and a minute of silence follows. Would the children realize what happened so many years ago? The documentary Verraad en Verzet tells how a village in the Netherlands was torn apart by war. Piet Lagerweij, Herman van der Kaa and Ali Hazeleger-van Ravenhorst are living in Lunteren until this day on and are the last survivors of the war in the village. How does the war play a role in their lives today? Lunteren Verraad en Verzet is a documentary by Phillip Brouwer, Tim Bosman, Martijn Bergman and Robbert-Jan Baelde.