Life in the shadows

A documentary by Vera Born and Milou van Kooten

‘Life in the Shadows’ tells the story of Dixy and her two daughters Isabella and Laura. Four years ago the family became homeless because of financial problems. The family was formerly prosperous and had everything in order. Because of the divorce between Dixy and her ex-husband, the family needs to sell the house and left with a large debt.

Despite all this, Dixy and the children remained positive and they have managed to fight the three of them out of this situation. Now, four years later, the family has another home, but there are many unanswered questions and there is no certainty about how long they may continue to live here.

‘Life in the Shadows’ is a documentary about the almost one thousand homeless families in the Netherlands. Thanks to the story of Dixy we give a face to the larger whole.

Like Dixy’s family there are more than two hundred families that fall between two stools. They are not qualified for professional help because they deal with single issues. In other words, just financial problems and do not have to deal, with for example, mental health problems or addiction. It is sometimes said that the situation is simply not poignant enough. In the documentary ‘Life in the Shadows’, we show, through these families’ stories, what problems they run into and what they have to deal with.

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