kentucky election finance

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When I look at how various states voted this year, it is interesting to see how the votes have split up in different states. The way the votes have been split up this year has been interesting but I’m still not convinced that the outcome of the election was what we all expected. In the end though, the outcome was pretty much in line with the national trends.

Now that it’s over, I have to admit that I feel a bit disappointed in how the race turned out. While I was generally excited for what the outcome would look like, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that two of the three major candidates were basically identical twins. Granted, both of the candidates are pretty close to each other in terms of age, but I can’t say that I was able to identify any meaningful differences between the two.

The one thing that I’ve always hoped would happen in an election is for a third party to form and take the lead. However, the only third party that I can think of is the Green Party, and it would seem that they wouldn’t be interested in taking the lead.

The Green Party has a long history of being extremely anti-establishment, which is probably why they aren’t interested. If they were, we might actually see a third party taking the lead in Kentucky (not to mention the other two states).

A third party in Kentucky would be a great thing, but it would also be very unlikely as a result. The one state that has a Green Party (and one of the largest Green voter populations) is Colorado, so there would be a lot of people in Kentucky who are also Green. But it seems unlikely that the Greens would be interested in taking over the state, since they are heavily Republican.

However, it isn’t the Green Party that is the problem. The state’s Republican Governor Pat Toomey has a $4.5 million campaign war chest, and that’s just after he’s already spent $2 million on the state’s political party. The problem is that it isn’t enough.

A few weeks back, I heard about the Kentucky Republican party and the fact that they are going to spend around 3.3 million on this election. Thats the exact amount that the Green Party has on hand. The problem is that the political parties in Kentucky are heavily Republican.

Although, it may be interesting to note that the Green Party has a much larger war chest, and that they have about $2 million in the bank. So you would think that spending $2 million on election finance would be a lot more logical. It’s not.

I think in this case, the Green Party has a lot more in the bank, but not because they spent more money, but because they have a lot smaller war chest.

The Green Party is a non-profit political party that ran in the last election. They have a couple hundred thousand in the bank, so at least they have the excuse to be spending money on election finance. But, that is also not the case. When you are a non-profit political party that has a small war chest, you need to have a lot more in the bank.


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