Importance of Developing Inclusive Class Environment

Class Environment

What is Inclusivity?

The concept of inclusivity is defined as providing equal opportunities and resources to each and every individual and to ensure that none of the individuals are excluded despite the physical or mental disabilities that may be shown by them. Inclusivity in education refers to the method where each and every child in the classroom is provided with equal attention and opportunities when it comes to learning. In such a situation no child having these abilities of belonging to a minority are excluded from being provided with learning opportunities that will ensure their growth in the future.

Inclusivity in online education

With the rapid increase in online education opportunities and an increase in course selling has led to the rising popularity of the following medium. Despite the pledge of maintaining inclusiveness in the classroom most institutions have failed to maintain this objective thereby leading to hindrance being present when it comes to equal opportunities in education. However, several research has shown that through the medium of online education it is possible for the maintenance of inclusiveness in the classroom. This is possible because in the case of online education the teachers have complete information about each and every student along with the issues they have been facing when it comes to the learning process. as a result it allows the teachers to have a direct conversation with the students thereby ensuring that their concerns are adequately met and solved.

The role of teachers

The teachers play a very significant role when it comes to education as they are provided with the most important responsibility of ensuring that the students are provided with adequate knowledge so that they can achieve their career objectives. In most of the institutions that are devoted to selling courses online, they have ensured that a strong group of teachers are present to support the students and ensure the maintenance of inclusivity.  The reason being that the teachers are considered to be the individuals responsible for identifying the issues that may be faced by any single student in a class. decide the educational issues that a student may face their may also be issues of racial discrimination or lack of diversity thereby leading to inclusivity issues. Teachers have a very significant role to play in this situation as they are the ones responsible for developing an engaging learning environment that will motivate students and drive curiosity in their minds. This can be easily achieved by the teachers by using several Technologies and strategies depending upon what kind of subjects they are teaching.

Strategies that can be undertaken to maintain inclusivity

There are a number of strategies which can be undertaken by teachers to maintain inclusiveness in the classroom. The given section highlights a few of them.

  • The first strategy that can be undertaken by the teachers is making use of online education and showing documentaries to students that highlight the importance of diversity within the economy. The teachers can make use of screen share options and show the video to students as well as continue explaining how they can be related to real life. When students are provided with a live demonstration and explanation it will make it easier for them to understand this concept on a broad scale.
  • The teachers can also undertake group activities in the form of providing students projects on assignments to complete, aur making them former teams to take part in quiz competitions. the development of teams and shows that each and every student participates in the class activity thereby leading to better inclusivity as well as teaching them about the importance of teamwork.
  • The teachers can also make use of debates and discussions and ask each and every member of the class to showcase their understanding of some specific topic or concept and hear their opinion. initiating this medium of public speaking will encourage students to feel closer with the rest of their peers and enable inclusivity.

Through the use of the following methods it will be possible for teachers to develop an inclusive classroom that promotes diversity and thereby provides the opportunity to students in their self-development.


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