How to Analyze Your Poker Hands to Improve Your Strategy


Making a long-term profit as a poker player requires you to analyze your hands. You need to determine the optimal method for analyzing your live and online poker hands because hand analysis involves much more than just posting on forums.

It isn’t about passively studying a hand you lost and complaining about how poorly you run.

The focus is on active poker study sessions where you examine your actual hand and tangential lines to understand the areas affecting your total win rate.

You must learn from your previous games to become a good player. Professional players do study their poker winning hands or weak ones. They want to see how their strategy has worked or what needs more improvements. Like a pro, get to understand your hands much better.

Analyze Your Hands like a Pro

Record Hands

Any poker player who plays the game must keep track of their hand histories. Live players should note hands to review later, even if this is not practical.

Online poker gamers can use various tools to help them with this. In any case, you should have a system to track the hands that have been played.

Make sure you have written down all the crucial information before you can save a hand for later study. Keep track of your position, your hole cards, the preflop actions of all players (not just your own), the flop cards and suits, the flop actions, the turn and river cards with suits, and the subsequent actions.

As soon as the hand is over, note the showdown (if applicable) and any uncertainties you may have had. Any gut feelings or flashes of intuition will also be beneficial.

Determine the Numbers

Verify the precise pot sizes for each street during the initial evaluation. You can use this to determine whether your bet size was too small or if you made a mistake while picking your line.

Run the math; you can use a digital poker hand calculator. Always be able to provide a rational justification for your course of action and bet size.

You’ll be able to decide whether to value bet, bluff, or call when you know your equity in hand. As you continue to see your equity calculated, you will eventually be able to perform more accurate calculations while playing in real time. When switching to live poker, this is helpful.

Comprehensive Hand History Analysis

Review the hand again after you’ve gone over it as it was happening. When something significant happens, pause to consider what happened and what might have happened. Try modifying some of the original hand’s parameters.

For instance, consider the decisions you would have made if the original stacks had doubled. What if there were a difference in the hole cards? Take that poker card and turn it into several settings while challenging your thinking and playing in these fictitious scenarios.

Create a Study Schedule

In-depth research on one poker hand may take several days. Hours may pass during the initial review. Give yourself time, and create a schedule.

It’s doubtful that you will immediately be able to come up with the best solutions, but that is okay. If you work toward them, you will eventually acquire a skill set that will show a noticeable improvement in your gaming and outcomes.

Obtaining Your Solutions

When a problem with your plan is discovered, you should do three main things. In the end, examining poker card hands is more about identifying strategic flaws and considering alternative strategies than figuring out a specific poker hand. So, if you run into trouble while reviewing a hand, choose whichever of these:

Use online forums.

You can find poker communities online or on social media where you can post your questions, and members will give their insights. Make sure to post every detail so that the viewers will understand and try to analyze your problem and provide a precise and detailed solution.

Read articles and watch videos.

Many blogs and videos are available; professional poker players even manage some. You can search online for your problem and look for solutions in blog posts or videos. Some of these blogs and videos are free to access.


Find a coach.

It could be time to employ a poker coach. Although it is the most expensive choice, it gains value as the leak gets more extensive and if you are serious about poker.

List all the leaks you have identified and present them to your coach so you can discuss them in one session. 

Be Inspired and Optimistic.

Beating yourself up for mistakes is a much less successful strategy than simply understanding the error and feeling confident about how you will improve. Every time you play a session, mistakes are made countless times. The less skilled player will likely disregard the error out of self-preservation or be so self-effacing that he builds a mental block around that place. Consider every mistake an opportunity to learn and advance toward your poker objectives.


Studying your hands may take some time, but it’s worth it. You’ll get to understand your game better, improve your strategy, and be ready when you begin another round. Don’t forget that after analyzing your hands, make sure to put them into practice. Play at GG Poker, the world’s largest poker room. You can implement the new technique you have learned against different players. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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