From Rabat to Nieuwegein – A Love Story

A film by Rikki Hendriks and Nicole Tegelaar

“I think about it every night when I get home. What have I done and what am I going to do? I’ve tried to find something better but I didn’t succeed.”

In Morocco, Abdelhak Tazi had everything. A prestigious career as a pedagogue, a good salary, a warm family and close friends. The only thing missing is his one true love. When he meets Naima on a vacation in the Netherlands, he decides to give up his familiar life and moves from Rabat to Nieuwegein.

In the Netherlands he tries to rebuild the life he had in Morocco. Struggling with the language he finds out that starting over in a foreign country is harder than he thought it would be. A film about what is more important in life: ambition or love.

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