Face the Music

A documentary by Jousha Brouwers and Catharina Hoogendoorn

Qing Song and Elize both love to play the violin. What makes them extraordinary is the fact that both ladies only have one arm.

Qing Song is a twelve-year-old, adopted girl from China, trying to chase her musical dream. She was born with her handicap and doesn’t know any better than to just deal with it. Although it was a challenging journey to play the violin, she never quit and has been playing for four years now. Qing’s biggest wish is to play the alto violin.

Elize’s story is different on many aspects from Qing’s. When she was 25 years old, she lost her right arm because of an accident in Africa. Before the accident Elize was an emerging violinist, but after she had to learn how to play all over again.

This film will hopefully inspire people that although a traumatic event may occur in your life, this does not mean you’ll have to give up on your dreams. It may be a swift change in the direction that you are moving but it does not determine your destiny.

To quote Elize’s teacher: “When you believe in the impossible, everything is possible”.


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