Earn by copying the success of copy traders


Do you want to invest but don’t know where to begin? Many people who invest have the same problem. Technology is here to save the day with copy trading etoro.

Copy trading is a great way to make money faster, more effectively and almost instantly. If you copy the right people or are the Popular Investor who is giving the signals. This is an investment method that copies another trader’s portfolio. Each time an investor opens an investment trade the action is copied to your portfolio.

Etoro has been a pioneering social trading application for many years. Copy trading eToro has been consistently ranked among the best. This is why eToro is our top choice for copy trading.

Copy trading: How to make money?

Studies revealed that three things are required to make money copy trading.

  • Invest in a good amount of money.
  • Select the best trading platform
  • Select the right trader.

Let’s discuss how to do each.

. Invest enough money

Copy trading requires you to invest substantial sums of money in order to make more. You can invest if you have only $200. Although you won’t make the same amount if you invest $2,000, it is still better than nothing. Even if your initial investment was $200, you can reinvest the money in copy trading to grow your account. This means that you will eventually have more than $200 in your account.

If you’re serious about copy trading, it is recommended investing at least $200. However, it is important to diversify your income and not invest all your savings.

For example, you might want to save some money for an emergency savings account. Diversifying your investments in copy trading etoro is also a good idea. You could invest in forex, but also in crypto.

Figure: Earn by copying the success of copy traders

. Select the right trading platform

It is important to select a reliable trading platform. Some copy trading platforms may charge double, triple, or even more than the usual transaction fees. Spreads will also be charged by some of these platforms. Good copy trading platforms will have spreads and transaction fees that are comparable to regular trading platforms.

. Select the right trader

You must also copy the best trader. Your success is dependent on the success of your trader. If they don’t know how to trade and end up in the red, they will follow you down. It’s also true that the opposite is true. This is why it is important to select a trader who has been successful in crypto or forex trading for many years.

Before you copy any trader, take a look at their portfolio. You might be concerned if they have too many crypto assets in their portfolio. This could lead to you being worried that they are high-risk. It might not be a good idea to copy someone who is taking high-risk trading strategies.

A trader who doesn’t take any risks is likely to not make as much, even though it may be a better investment. A middle ground is a trader with a low- to moderate risk profile who is still earning a good return year after year.

How people use one of the most popular Copy trading platforms, i.e. MTrading offers two ways to earn:

  1. Copy Trade Investor: Copy trades from leading experts around the globe in real-time. Let professional traders make money for you.
  2. Copy Trade Introduction Broker: Invite other traders to sign up for your signals. You will receive a commission for every trade copied by those traders.

Is Copy trading going to make you rich quick?

Copy trading is a way to make money, but it is not a quick way to get rich. Studies show an increase in your income year after year as your account grows. You need to be patient with your account and allow it to grow. You will not make as much from compound interest if you withdraw your earnings immediately. This is a common mistake that beginners make.


Copy trading is a profitable business, even if it doesn’t cost a lot upfront. You will make more money the more you invest. You can still make a lot of money even with a small investment. As long as you wait for compound interest to kick in, you will be able to.


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