Better Days

A documentary by Anne Alink and Nisrine Sahla (Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

At the young age of 17 Moh decided to leave Morocco behind and migrate to completely unknown territory: Europe. Despite his parents begging him not to go, he crossed the sea without the right documents, without a job and without a new place to live. He did not know how much impact this decision would have on the rest of his life and on that of his family.

50 years down the road, a lot has changed. Moh retired after a prosperous career in construction. He is a proud Belgian as well as a proud Moroccan. In Beni Melloul however nothing has changed to the circumstances that made Moh leave in the first place.


Nisrine Sahla, Director of Better Days: @nisrinesahla (Instagram & Twitter)
Anne Alink, Director of Better Days: @annealink (Instagram)
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