Back to Basics

A documentary by Christa Hiddinga and Fleur Born

‘When looking at the food production and consumption we have right now, what will we be eating in a hundred years time?’ This is one of many questions family Van den Braak worries about. They believe change begins with yourself. Being able to see where and how your food grows, in the most natural way possible, is very important to them. These ideas come together at the Herenboeren farm at Wilhelminapark in Boxtel, the Netherlands. That’s why the family made a two thousand euros investment in the farm to be able to eat its products.

Back to Basics the documentary takes you to the world of the Herenboeren farm Wilhelminapark through the Van den Braak family’s eyes. One of the hundred investing families.The farm’s goal is to make that into two hundred investing families at the end of 2017, otherwise the farm wil go bankrupt.

A film by Christa Hiddinga ( and Fleur Born ( – June 18 2017, Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht.

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