architectural technology degree


I grew up in the Midwest and spent a lot of time in a house that was more of an architectural design studio than a home. I remember working on buildings that were built in the 1940s and ’50s. The idea was to have a “house within a house” rather than an “apartment within an apartment.” I loved that the house had a roof, windows, and doors. I loved that there were all different rooms in the house.

I was working as an architect in Chicago at the time, and had a lot of good friends there. We were all very young. I remember one particular day, I had started to work on a building and I was on my way to go pick up my paycheck, and I had seen a beautiful house, it was a modern design house. It had a pool, it had a garage, it had a front porch, it had a garage, it had a front porch, etc.

That’s a nice one.

We don’t have a lot of houses in our area that have those elements, so it was really cool to see those.

I think it is because most architects were trained as engineers when they were young. The engineers were the ones who designed these amazing buildings, the architects were the ones who built them. I love what architect David L. Schwartz has to say on his blog, that while architects may not have an engineering background, they are still engineers. It is also true that architects are just as creative as engineers.

Architects, engineers, and all those other specialties are all part of how we create things that are unique and beautiful. So if architects and engineers would do a little more research, they can find out if they’re really engineers or just engineers wearing a suit.

While it is easy to argue that architects and engineers are engineers because they have the same job, I think this is a bit of a misnomer. While most engineers have a degree in engineering, most architects don’t. There are some architects who have a degree in engineering, but they have no engineering degree. It’s not because they are bad engineers, it’s just because they are engineers. In fact, some engineers have no degree at all.

The degree you do have is in architecture, but most architects do not. The problem is that in most buildings, architects and engineers are just different titles. The difference between an architect and a professional engineer is that a professional engineer has a degree in engineering. When you go out the door in the morning to work, you can be sure that when you walk into your building, you will find a group of people with degrees in engineering. The architect is just a title that people give to their building.

I have always had a hard time being a professional engineer. It seems like a title that only the rich and famous use. I mean, I know people who go to a technical school and have the title engineer. But most of us don’t. We just work in the field of architecture, which is pretty much the same job as an engineer.

Architecture, that is, the art and science of planning and designing physical structures and spaces. Engineers design software applications, whereas architects design physical structures. The difference between the two is that architects are able to take a concept and turn it into something that people will actually use. They can apply their knowledge in a way that will make real tangible results. Engineers on the other hand can just say “let’s have a beer and build a house” and leave.


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