An elderly patient has fallen and hit her head. your initial care should focus on!

kermit, injured, patch @ Pixabay

So you’ve just taken care of an elderly patient who has fallen and hit her head. Your initial care should focus on evaluating the nature of the fall, assessing for other injuries, and providing emergency treatment to reduce further injury or death.

In this article we will discuss how to assess a fall victim in case of emergencies so that they can get the right help as quickly as possible! *Evaluate the nature of the fall: oIs there blood on her face?

If so, is it coming from nose or ears? What’s going on with this person’s breathing? Do they have a pulse in their neck & arms and are able to speak properly? Is she responsive when you call her name (ask for “yes” or “no”) and tap them gently on their cheek.

*Assess other injuries: oIs your patient continuously moaning, crying out, talking incoherently or making unusual noises such as groaning, mumbling sounds or inappropriate words like swearing that might indicate an injury to the brain after hitting their head during the fall. Have someone carefully check around victim’


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