an effectively distributed résumé will get an interview,

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You can’t get a job without an interview. And you can’t get an interview without a résumé. But what if your résumé isn’t getting the interviews? In this blog post, we’re going to go over 10 tips that will help improve your résumé and guarantee that you’ll be able to secure interviews with companies of interest to you. Tip #0: Be Honest and Concise Trick question! There are no tips, only a number. But that’s not true because this is tip 0 !! So we’ll talk about honesty first. If you’re honest in your résumé then it will show through to the hiring managers when they call for an interview with you – there won’t be any surprises! For example, if you have two years of experience but want to downplay how long you’ve been out of college or recent grads who may have gaps in employment should put their most current work experience at the top of their list so it stands out more clearly. That way what could be seen as negative can actually become positive instead. This


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