an effective speech should be organized around ______ main points.,

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An organized speech is one of the keys to an effective presentation. A well-organized speech should be written around five main points. This blog post will provide you with some tips for organizing your next speech by breaking down each point and providing examples that illustrate how it might look on a slide in PowerPoint. * Point One: the introduction. The first few sentences in your speech should be dedicated to giving an overview of what you will cover, as well as why this topic is important and/or relevant. This sets the stage for a successful presentation by sparking interest and garnering attention from potential audience members before they tune out because they’ve heard it all before. * Examples: “The Internet has changed how we live our lives dramatically over just the last 50 years – with many people now opting to work remotely or start their own business rather than take on full-time jobs that require long commutes.” “This talk explores some ways to get started with blogging, including where to find blog ideas, how best to write posts for your


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