an autograft is taken from the client’s left leg. the nurse should care for the donor site by:,

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The donor site is an area of the client’s body where a graft was taken from. Most often it will be on the left leg, but can also be on other parts of the body. It will need to be cared for with special care in order to prevent infection and minimize any scarring at that location. We have assembled 11 rules for care of this delicate part of your patient’s anatomy so you know what to do when caring for them after surgery. 1) Make sure that the donor site dressing has been changed before leaving work each day or staying overnight offsite if applicable. The nurse should check the dressing on the donor site each day before leaving work. Many surgeons will also prescribe a layer of gauze or cotton to be applied over any stitches in order to help with dressings changes and healing. This needs to be changed every 24 hours or more often if needed according to surgeon instructions, but never without an examination by your physician first as this can lead to infection. The primary advice is that you need not touch anything other than what’s necessary when changing a dressing- only use clean hands! If there are dried blood stains from trauma, gently blot them away rather than scrubbing aggressively which may harm nearby tissue and cause scarring at the location of injury. Otherwise, simply cover it back up with


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