an author’s purpose in using rhetoric is to,

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In every day life, we are constantly bombarded by rhetoric. Whether you’re watching the news, reading a blog post or talking with your friends at dinner – there’s always somebody trying to persuade us about something. The Uses of Rhetoric: Persuade, Instruct and Entertain is an article that discusses how to use rhetorical devices in order to achieve three different purposes: persuasion, instruction and entertainment. -Persuasion: one of the most common types of rhetoric, persuasion is the act or practice of convincing someone to believe in or support an idea. Persuasive writing uses logic and emotion to show a person why they should be persuaded by your argument. -Instruction: another form of persuasive writing, instructional writing teaches people how to do something–a recipe might instruct you on how to make cookies while a manual about changing oil will teach you different steps for doing so. Instructional writings often use visual aids like images, charts and graphs as well as explanatory text in order to help readers understand what’s being taught from start to finish. -Entertainment: sometimes called ‘junk’ rhetorics because their sole


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