An artwork that uses many hues but only one value is called monochromatic

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The word monochromatic is derived from the Greek words mono meaning “one” and chroma meaning “colour”. Monochromatic art uses many hues but only one value. In this article, we will explore what monochromatic art is, where it originated, how to create your own piece of art in this style and some famous examples of artists who created work using a single colour. 

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What is monochromatic art? 

Where did the trend originate? 

How to create your own piece of artwork in this style?

Some famous examples.

Video: Monochromatic Art Video Transcript: Hello and welcome back for another creative video of mine! Today’s topic is coloured specifically monochrome or single colour pieces. So let’s go over what they are and how you can turn a blank canvas into one with just one colour.

First, I want to talk about what does that mean exactly when it comes to painting..a lot of people think it means using only black but that would be called grayscale which we’ll get into later on in this video.


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