An array can store a group of values, but the values must be?

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An array is a data structure that can store a group of values. These values must be the same type though, so they will all be numbers or strings for instance. The size of an array has to be known at compile-time, and it cannot change once it has been created. This means you use the length property on arrays to find out how many elements are in them at any given time.

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Arrays are often used as lists when programming languages need to represent collections of things like names or colours.

Name: What Is An Array?

Description: what an array is, how to find out the size of it at any given time, and when arrays are used in programming languages. Date Written: October 29th, 2018 (current date)

Created By: Ali Alharbi Updated On: N/A (will update this once I finish writing) 16- The current year minus 1900. This will give you a two-digit number so if today’s date is 12-31-2018 then your new value would be 18 because 2018 – 1900 = 18. You can use Maths functions such as subtracting one from another with the operator “-“. 


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