An area where the particles in a medium are spaced close together is called a _____?

Many people don’t know what the term “medium” means. A medium is an area where particles in a medium are spaced close together, and it’s usually used to describe light or air.

flashlight, led, light @ Pixabay

For example, if you were trying to see something at night with only your flashlight, then you would need some type of vacuum pump that would suck away all the surrounding air so that there was nothing between you and the object being illuminated by your flashlight.

This is an extremely rare occurrence though! So, if you were trying to see something with your flashlight at night without using a vacuum pump and there was air between the two objects, then you would need to use some type of material such as light-bending plastic that would bend the beam of light so it could go around all those particles.

This is what we call an “optical lens.” Plastic lenses are not common either! In this case, water works just fine too because its molecules are spaced further apart than most other materials.

You might notice in many fish tanks or pools that have large rocks on top or even small pebbles laying across them – these serve the same purpose as optical lenses by bending individual beams of rays into each other for viewing purposes.

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