An agency issue is most apt to develop when?

client, business, marketing @ Pixabay

The high level of stress and pressure that comes with running a business means that many agency owners will experience an issue at one point or another.

The good news is, there are 13 common issues you can look out for to help identify problems before they become too big. 

Late payers (see point 13) 

Lack of a clear vision for your business, and what it should be doing

Poor time management/scheduling; not having enough hours in the day to get everything done 

No structure or routine with regards to how you run your operations

Difficulty delegating tasks properly so that they’re completed by someone else and in good time without too much supervision required. You might need help from an assistant if this is affecting any major part of running your agency. 

The lack of self-care – either because you don’t have time, or simply never think about it until there’s an issue. Improving on this will make managing other aspects of your work easier.


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